Network Upgrade and Server Rack Migration

Network Upgrade and Server Rack Migration

  • Tuesday, 3rd March, 2020
  • 06:34am

Dear Valued Customer

On Sunday the 8th of March, we will be performing a network upgrade in conjunction with a Data Centre migration for our Mumbai Availability Zone 1 to Mumbai Availability Zone 2. The availability zone 2 moves will be from our current location which is in the same building. We will be moving servers from one Rack to another Rack in the same building.

This migration will see us performing security upgrades through the use of new Routers and Switches with which will come increased reliability and redundancy of our network. Parts of our internal network will also be upgraded.

All in all, this means we will be providing a more stable, faster and robust platform for your service with us.

The work will be performed between 12.30 AM Sunday (8th March) to 8 AM Sunday (8th March).

We will migrate the servers one by one and house them in a new Rack. This will likely result in 10 to 20 minutes of downtime as we will be physically moving the servers from one Rack to other.

There is no requirement for you to do anything.

Domain Reseller Guru (Support Team)

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