Switching from cPanel to DirectAdmin

Switching from cPanel to DirectAdmin

  • Tuesday, 20th August, 2019
  • 17:30pm

Dear Valued Customer

Due to the exorbitant price increase by cPanel, we are forced to switch to another control panel. We have decided to switch to DirectAdmin since it's lighter, faster and offer the user interface which is very similar to cPanel, hence will be comfortable for the users who are comfortable with cPanel. Here are the details about the migration.

What is DirectAdmin:

DirectAdmin is a web hosting control panel like cPanel. It offers all the basic features like PHP version selector, email management, file explorer, Softaculous to install WordPress and other CMSs, SSL management, DNS management, backup/restore. It offers a cleaner, lighter, and faster interface.

Why DirectAdmin, not Plesk/any other?

We have chosen DirectAdmin over other alternatives because of two major reasons. 
Firstly, all of our customers are on cPanel and the user interface of the DirectAdmin is very similar to the cPanel user interface. So existing user will be more comfortable with DirectAdmin.
Secondly, DirectAdmin is very light and because of that, it is faster than other control panels.

What will change?

Only the user interface will change slightly. There won't be any major change. The underlying operating system and technologies will remain the same. There won't be any major change even in the interface. If you are comfortable with cPanel, you'll be comfortable with DirectAdmin too.

Will the transfer affect my websites?

Your websites won't be affected. It will remain the same and will be working as before.

Will there be any downtime?

The transition will be smooth and it's very unlikely that there will be any downtime. Some websites may face some downtime and that will be taken care of by us. You are advised to not make any change in any website on the day of migration, i.e. 25th of August. Any change made to the website during the transition period might be lost.

When the migration will happen?

The migration for the server on which your website is hosted will be done on 25th of August 2019. You are adviced not to make any change in your website during the migration.


Domain Reseller Guru (Support Team)

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